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The King to Gian Strength Halotestin Fluoxymesterone

January 31, 2018

Fluoxymesterone is a very powerful steroid originally introduced by Upjohn in the late 1950s and called Halotestin. Soon after Ciba Pharmaceuticals launched the hormone under the trade name Ultandren, Halotestin is still more familiar. Upjohn is now called Pharmacia, which produces Halotestin.

    Halo was introduced at the beginning of a variety of medical effects. This very powerful anabolic steroid is prescribed by doctors to patients with muscle atrophy, male androgen depletion, muscle damage, malnutrition and fractures. It is also used to treat problems caused by long-term use of cortisone, paralysis (hemiplegia), breast cancer and burns. Unlike other steroids, fluoxymesterone is prescribed by both men and women and, although less common now, is also used to treat some female breast cancers and male androgen deficiencies. It is another rare but approved use for the treatment of postmenopausal women with osteoporosis.

    Halo is hailed as one of the strongest and most effective steroids on the market in sports. Its anabolic rate is very high, but it does not allow users to increase the amount of muscle, which is generally used as a simple booster drug. Bodybuilders Often the drug is added in the last weeks of the race to improve the state and pass the brutal final stage of the preparation. However, side effects of fluoxymesterone are not joking either, and should be considered before use.

Halotestin Features and Nature:

    Fluoxymesterone is derived from testosterone and is the product of structural changes in Methyltestosterone. The increased methyl group of testosterone at the seventeenth carbon site allows Halo to be taken orally, and the hydroxyl group at the carbon 9,3 position and the hydroxy group at the carbon 11 position inhibit the aromatisation of the steroid and greatly increase its masculinization properties Methyltestosterone is much higher.

    Halo has an anabolic rate of 1900 and a male rate of 850, compared to 100 for both testosterone. Looks ridiculously high, but very misleading, in fact its anabolic properties are almost zero, the steroid’s main function is still reflected in the male nature.

    The powerful effects of Halotestin include a dramatic increase in erythrocyte and hemoglobin levels, an increase in the volume of erythrocytes, and also in cells that respond to erythropoietin. These roles are responsible for increasing strength and energy levels.

    Halotestin also has a strong lipid-lowering effect that helps to control fatty acid oxidation and the fast-acting mitochondria in the liver, combined with the reaction with red blood cells, which can help better-visualized athletes with thinner fats.

Halotestin’s role:

    Fluoxymesterone has a relatively single, potentially dangerous side effect and is not necessary for most people. Its main function is to increase strength and aggressiveness. The issue of steroid-induced aggression is exaggerated, but Halo does add to the user’s aggressiveness, which allows athletes to practice even more fiercely. It should be noted that Halo does not change your personality and will not let you lose the ability to make the right and wrong decisions and make the right decisions. It only enhances your aggressiveness, and the person using the drug decides to use the aggressiveness right or wrong. For someone who is already violent and irritable, using Halo will turn him into a worse bastard, while a calm person will train and compete more strongly.

    Due to the above properties, Halo is very much at home and is welcome by other strength and fighting athletes. The power of short-term use of the first few weeks of the competition has outpaced any other steroid. Bodybuilders also use Halo a few weeks before the race. Pre-race diet control is perhaps the toughest of the toughest on the planet, with the extreme decline in athlete energy during the final stages. Fluoxymesterone helps keep the body trained during this time Looks tighter and drier However, it should be noted that you have to have very low body fat to have a state change. Most users of steroids will never reach the true pre-game low fat state, the use of Halo also does not make much sense.

    To sum up the benefits of fluoxymesterone, this steroid is not used to increase the scope, nor is any of the C’s basic drugs. It has its own unique uses. There are some places approved in the medical field but it is now less and less.

Side Effects of Halotestin:

    Some are worse than Halo, but we can not say Halo is a user-friendly steroid. Its hepatotoxicity is very strong, and the potential side effects of cardiovascular can not be ignored. Do C at risk, medication should be cautious.

1, feminine
    Although it is a testosterone-derived anabolic steroid, Halo does not aromatise and does not cause estradiol-related side effects. Water and bitch milk are not possible. The anti-estrogen in your C is not directed at Halo, but at other compounds that may cause feminization.

2, male
    Halo males are extremely strong and naturally have many side effects, including acne, hair loss and body hair growth. These symptoms are inextricably linked to genes, but the use of fluoxymesterone increases the likelihood of it occurring. Halo super male role is also reflected in some studies indicate that the user’s tintin may be due to eat flumetasone larger.

    Halotestin is affected by 5-alpha reductase, which is responsible for the reduction of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone. Therefore, the use of 5-alpha reductase inhibitors such as finasteride to some extent reduce the male side effects of Halo. But people who are sensitive to male side effects do not use Halo anymore.
Side effects of Halo on female users are extremely extreme, and masculine symptoms such as increased body hair, diminished sound and clitoral enlargement are almost inevitable. The only recommendation for women using Halo is to treat breast cancer that is not operable with androgen. Female athlete can not use Halo.

3, cardiovascular:
    The negative impact of Halotestin on cardiovascular health is serious, especially as it can dramatically increase bad cholesterol and suppress good cholesterol. It can also cause high blood pressure and have an adverse effect on triglyceride levels. Long-term existence of these problems may lead to left ventricular hypertrophy. Long-term use of Halo may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

    People who use Halo must make sure they have no high cholesterol or high blood pressure. People who are healthy enough to use the medicine must also monitor their health at all times. Healthy, cholesterol-friendly lifestyle, a diet rich in Omega fatty acids is a must. The amount of simple sugars and saturated fats to control, regular aerobic exercise should also be included in the plan. Antioxidant supplements that boost healthy cholesterol levels are also very valuable.

4, testosterone
    Halo severely suppresses its own testosterone. Its mechanism is still not clearly explained because it does not continuously suppress gonadotropins. Supplementation of exogenous testosterone during Halo use is necessary for most men. Without exogenous testosterone can lead to low testosterone syndrome, the emergence of various annoying symptoms, is very unhealthy. You can choose what kind of testosterone can, it is important to let the body have enough hormone maintenance function.
Halo disabled, all exogenous hormones excreted testosterone secretion will start again, only the absence of low testosterone, HPTA nor because of improper use of steroids received damage, their own testosterone secretion to normal recovery. It will take several months to return to normal levels. Therefore, PCT is necessary. It greatly stimulates testosterone secretion and assures the body’s function. Although it can not pull hormone levels back to normal, it can speed up the process and make recovery easier.

5, liver toxicity:
    Halotestin is the most hepatotoxic oral C17-aa steroid. Hepatic enzyme values ​​increase dramatically with Halo, which is not equal to damage but predicts stress and injury to the liver.

    People who use Halo must have a healthy liver. Users also need to work hard to reduce and control the pressure on the liver. The useful life of Halo should not exceed four weeks, usually two weeks is enough. Liver detox supplements are also necessary. Users should stop drinking alcohol and avoid using over-the-counter drugs. In fact, many over-the-counter drugs are also highly toxic and even more potent than steroids.

Using Halotestin:

    Athletes dose range is 10-40 mg per day. 10 milligrams per day is enough to be effective and the 20 mg daily risk for healthy adult males is also manageable. 40 mg per day already exceeds the range that most people need. Regardless of the dose, the entire pot life is 2-4 weeks. Like most oral steroids, Halo fasted to ensure good bioavailability.

    The dose used to treat androgen disorders is typically 20 milligrams daily, and the dose is usually reduced after the initial short-term treatment, which is sometimes long-term, depending on the patient’s daily requirement of 5-20 milligrams. Must always pay attention to cardiovascular and liver health status. There are very few people using this therapy now.

Molecular weight: 336.4457
Molecular formula: C20 H29 F O3
Melting point: 240C
Manufacturer: Pharmacia-Upjohn
Effective dose: 10-40 mgs / day
Half-life: 6-8 hours
Testing time: 2 months
Anabolic rate / maleation rate: 1,900 / 850
Due to the strong hepatotoxicity and various side effects of Halo, it is safe to assume that dosages and duration of use are controlled to a certain extent.

Halotestin dosage:

Basic dose:
10-20 mg daily. 10 mg per day can be effective, increased to 20 mg better, safety can also be guaranteed.
Higher dose:
Experienced steroid users should consider increasing the dose to 30-40 mg daily after achieving good results with the base dose of Halo. This dose will greatly increase the risk, especially liver toxicity, do not do not have to do so.
Note: Exceeding 40 mg per day is very dangerous.

Using time:

Regardless of the dose, the duration of the entire Cycle ranges from two to four weeks. In general, two weeks is enough. Four weeks will increase the risk, especially around the 40 mg per day. We recommend 40 mg daily should not exceed two weeks. It is also an option to take 20 mg twice daily for 40 mg twice daily for two weeks.

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