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  • The King to Gian Strength Halotestin Fluoxymesterone

    Fluoxymesterone is a very powerful steroid originally introduced by Upjohn in the late 1950s and called Halotestin. Soon after Ciba Pharmaceuticals launched the hormone under the trade name Ultandren, Halotestin is still more familiar. Upjohn is now called Pharmacia, which produces Halotestin.     Halo was introduced at the beginning of a variety of medical effects. This very powerful anabolic steroid is …

  • Potential Anti-Aging Compound —— Epitalon

    Epitalon is a synthetic peptide made of four amino acids (alanine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, and glycine), that is based on a natural peptide called Epithalamin extracted from the pineal gland. It was synthesized by Vladimir Khavinson, a Russian professor and gerontologist, whose research focused on the development of peptide preparations used to restore function in various organs in order …

  • First steroid homebrew successful !!

    Brewed 100mL at a time Tren was 100mg/mL. Test was 250mg/mL. The tren dissolved fairly easily. I filled a bowl with warm water from the tap and let the beaker sit in it while stirring, and it was warm enough to completely dissolve the powder in about 5 minutes of stirring. For the test I microwaved a bowl of water …

  • The various myths, rumors, and truths in regards to the subject of steroid injections

    Proper injection protocol and procedure is extremely important in regards to proper anatomical knowledge of where to inject, how to inject, and proper sterility practice. What must be discussed and clarified first are the various myths, rumors, and truths in regards to the subject of steroid injections. There exist various myths in regards to steroid injections both among the general …

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